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About Us
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To satisfy customers needs, with full commitment to improve our services, in order to establish and to promote the improvement processes with the purpose of:
  Have a permanent growth
  To Be a stable and profitable business

Our philosophy is to provide an efficient service and our target is to become a strategic alliance of the companies through our human resources outsourcing. With the purpose of reaching the best short-term performance, we provide the specialized know-how from the beginning and the necessary experience that allows them access world class practices, without the need of investing on fixed assets, with the consequent decrease of fixed charges.


Our people and culture Work:

We know that the most important asset in our business is the personnel that works with us and focused on our philosophy oriented 100% to the service; payrolling will always seek for the growth of our clients and collaborators.

For us a reason of pride is to be a way of growth. With the firm purpose to consolidate our firm, our philosophy of life is the service. Our personnel know that we are the reason of our clients. We emphasize that "The value of our company is in our clients".

Our strength is based on three basic elements:

Creativity, Technology and Human Capital. These elements, in combination with service orientation; give as a result an attractive firm for our external and internal clients, to keep this offer is a constant challenge.

With more than 100 important firms that support our history, with more than 10 years in value contributing to large companies through solutions for the integral administration of the human resource, in Payrolling we are convinced, that we can provide an alternative offer with greater added value, for clients and collaborators.


Sófocles 213, Los Morales Sección Palmas

Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, México D.F. C.,P. 11540
Tel/Fax. 52 (55) 5254 5093